My story in brief...
From humble beginnings...
I'd started my martial arts journey in 1982. Several years later and at the age of 24, I decided to leave a sales job I'd hated and start teaching full time the thing I loved the most. Karate!

I went from living with my Japanese master, Kiyoshi Yamazaki in the USA, then running 7 Karate locations in the UK, to becoming the managing director of what was later to become one of the largest martial arts gear distribution businesses in Europe. When I exited that business sales went from being little more than £50,000 a year in the beginning to over £3,000,000 Million a year in revenue.

I studied business coaching, online marketing, implemented systems and shared this knowledge with other like minded business owners. I then ran the UK's first landmark business coaching seminars for martial arts school owners in Europe. 

It was during this period of 10 years between 1999 and 2009 that the martial arts industry was shaped from a cottage industry into the professional model you see today.

That industry is a marketing driven niche and a perfect model for modern day sales training.
My initiation into direct response marketing started In 2006
And I discovered a man named 'Frank Kern'
That moment changed my online marketing life and I was hooked! This 'cool dude' was my magnet.
I purchased his online training course, studied hard and built my first sales funnel! At that time the word didn't really exist.

I decided to create an e-book from my 90 Day Coaching Program. Back then trying to create a sales funnel was like making a jigsaw puzzle with no picture to copy. 

But somehow I got the front cover made and created a PDF ebook. Uploaded it to a server. Set up the email sequencing. And connected it to the pages using something called the '4 Day Cash Machine'. Hit 'open cart" and waited.  

It worked! and the money came flooding in! I'd made my first ever significant online sales. 

I now focus all my time on coaching others and affiliate marketing. Helping other businesses grow and develop their online sales and systems is what I love!

I was onto something but other things got in the way!
I continued my coaching practice alongside my eCommerce business
Sometimes, you just don't know who you're speaking to and doing business with.

You may have heard of the well known author and podcaster Tim Ferriss? In his book 'The 4 Day Work Week' he speaks about starting out in his business life and creating his first product, "BRAINQUIKEN" a nutrition suppliment.

Unbeknown to me (this was in 2002) Tim would call my office to speak with me about trying to get me to become a reseller for him. After numerous calls, conversations and samples, I eventually agreed to help him and we became suppliers and business partners.

This seems like a crazy story but I can promise you it's true.

Fast forward to the last few years and I'm now working full time growing my online marketing busiuness. 

I remember reaching my first $1,000 thousand dollars in affiliate commisions! That was a big deal for me and I can't wait to celebrate that milistone with you!

So let's plan to celebtrate our $1,000,000.00 million Dollar milestone. That's my goal. I'd like it to be your goal too.

Now that's a cool goal to have and completely attainable... IF you just believe, set your goals, create your roadmap and crush it, LETS GO!

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